This robber was after a different kind of dough.

It's a normal day at this undisclosed donut shop in Toronto, until a furry little nose pokes it's way through the ceiling.

“People outside were cheering for him,” said Peter Jensen, 21, who shot the video. “The owner was in there, trying to get him out with a broom while on the phone with pest control. It was a whole thing.” ... “I went up to get a coffee and heard (my co-worker) laughing,” he said. “He was pointing at the ceiling and I saw the ceiling tile was off-kilter. I said, ‘That’s a weird thing to laugh at.’ Then I looked again, and there was a little face looking back at me.”

What a cute story. Though, I'm sure a nightmare for the owner of the donut shop. I'm sure they have a lot of work to do before the health inspector comes by to visit. Because, even though raccoons are cute. They're wild animals that shouldn't be around food.

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