Just before the start of the regular season the New Orleans Saints signed star running back, Alvin Kamara, to a 5 year $75 Million contract. Watch this video and you will know exactly why the Saints decided to back up the 'BRINKS' truck for Kamara.

Just take a look at this touchdown Kamara produced last night...

When a football players gets touched by 6 different defenders and still finds a way to get into the end-zone, it is pretty impressive.

But, what Kamara did on this simple check-down pass from Drew Brees was an absolute work of art.

The patience and vision Kamara used to let Erik McCoy come out and lead block for him was incredible. The way he bounced off of a defender and kept his balance was so impressive.

Alvin Kamara can do things that, currently, no other running back in the league is capable of. Yes, there have been quite a few injuries throughout the NFL and especially at the running back position.

With all that said, I am comfortable with naming Kamara the best running back in football. Mr. Cris Collinsworth agreed, as he deemed Kamara the best back in the NFL during last night's broadcast of 'Sunday Night Football'.

Kamara is as dynamic of a ball carrier as I have ever seen. It just feels like every time he gets the ball in his hands, he has a chance at finding pay-dirt.

This is the exact reason the Saints were willing to pay Kamara $75 Million for the next half-decade of his career. He is a player that defenses have nightmares about. You can't game-plan having to cover Kamara. He comes out of the backfield on almost every passing play and will split out wide when he needs to. If the defense isn't mindful of where he is on the field at any given time, it is a major issue.

With the Saints falling to (1-2) on the season, Kamara continues to prove he is worth every penny by producing plays that looks like they come straight out of a video game.


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