This Saturday, October 22nd, I'm going to participate in the Halloween themed Hunter/Jumper horse show at Double Rainbow Equestrian Center in Haughton, LA and yes, I'm dressing up for the costume contest!

You're never too old to play, right? But I wanted to come up with the perfect costume... Something original. Something that would make people laugh. So I started thinking about horses, ponies, puns, etc... Sure, there's the headless horseman, unicorns, My Little Pony, Mr. Ed, Donkey from Shrek... all of those are great, but I've seen them before... So what's uniquely Bristol? I finally came up with the answer!!!


My horse is going to be a 'pony keg' and I'm going to be a red Solo cup. Now if I could only turn my horse into a real working keg! I can't imagine lifting his tail for a beer though! Anyone have any ideas on how to rig that up? So far, he'll have aluminum foil twisted up into a tap with the words 'Pony Keg' stenciled on his side. Of course, I'll have theme music courtesy of Toby Keith. What else can I add to take our costume over the top? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!!

Here are some more costume ideas for celebrating Halloween with your horse!

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