Last weekend I crashed my friends families photo shoot. We had only taken a couple of photos when Glammy, the matriarch of the family lit up with excitement. Her BFF, the UPS delivery guy, showed up with some Christmas packages. Glammy has had the same UPS delivery driver for over 10 years. Glammy didn't miss a beat and asked her BFF in the big brown truck to jump in the photo since her husband Joe hates photos, and was inside watching the golf channel. Scott the UPS delivery driver set the packages down and jumped in the photo. Guess what the family Christmas card looks like this year!

Lately more and more people are singing the praises of our unsung holiday heroes! Santa's sleigh is looking a lot more like a big brown box truck on wheels, and we are totally okay with that. A UPS driver took to his Facebook page to let many people know who the real Santa is. He also asked folks to keep the light on, watch this video and remember to treat your delivery drivers like family this Christmas season!

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