Okay, we might be spending too much time with each other... Remember when you would go on family vacations and you had to spend the entire car ride either with your sibling in the backseat or sitting right between grandma and a dog? Remember how much your sibling or your grandma would get on your nerves? Well... lets just say that we are starting to feel a little claustrophobic in the box.

However, this is for a great cause. We are out at the Walmart parking lot on Airline Drive in Bossier City trying to raise to toys to take care of all of kids this Holiday season. Thats is why we are doing this.This is all about raising enough toys to take care of our commitments to Roy's Kids, Operation Santa Claus, and the Shriners Hospital of Shreveport.

Wanna see how much we are getting on each other's nerves? Check out the video above.


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