Shark attacks top my list, so I did a little digging.  Bet you didn't know that there is what's called "The International Shark Attack File" (ISAF).  Yep, it really exists.  I found some neat info.


The ISAF  investigated 112 alleged incidents of shark-human interaction occurring worldwide in 2007.  After reviewing the cases, found that 71 were confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attack on humans.  "Provoked attacks" usually occur when a human initiates physical contact with a shark, e.g. a diver bit after grabbing a shark, a fisher bit while removing a shark from a net, and attacks on spearfishers and those feeding sharks. The 41 incidents not accorded unprovoked status in 2007 included 20 provoked attacks, two cases of air/sea disasters, five cases of sharks biting marine vessels, four incidents dismissed as non-attacks, zero scavenge incidents, and 10 cases in which insufficient information was available to determine if shark attack was involved.  

Since many local residents head for Florida for a little beach time, I found this map of shark attacks along Florida shores.

Shark Attacks Florida

 Overall, the 1990's had the highest attack total of any decade. That upward trend has continued: the previous decadal total was surpassed during 2007, eight years into the first decade of the 21st century. The growth in shark attack numbers does not necessarily mean there is an increase in rate of shark attack, rather it most likely is reflective of the ever-increasing amount of time spent in the sea by humans.

Tomorrow, I'll share with you the second thing on my list of vacation worries.

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