We're only in training camp and the Atlanta Falcons hate is just as strong as ever.

The Saints and the Falcons have one of the best rivalries in the NFL and any Saints fan will find enjoyment in seeing their fans squirm. That's exactly what happened when a member of the Who Dat Nation decided to crash their training camp.

To be completely honest, this was a savage troll move by this Saints fan—and I could easily see myself feeling at least a little bad for these Falcons fans (after laughing, of course) but I didn't feel any of that after hearing some of their fans drop their own slander by mentioning things like the infamous "pass interference" play from the NFC Championship game.

I also heard someone mention the "Minnesota Miracle" along with a guy who shamelessly flipped off the camera while carrying a child. Speaking of children, even the innocent little Falcons fans threw shade, telling the guy that he "didn't belong there" after throwing a jab about the "Rams game."

But the Saints Troll held firm, heckling Falcons fans with chants of "28-3" and my personal favorite: "NOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAA!" By the way, I have no clue who this guy is, but he goes by @The_BigPotato on Twitter and he's definitely a fearless Saints fan.


By the way, can the Saints make "NOOOOOOLAAAAA!" a chant in the dome this season?

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