Vacations are great, but there are those things that I miss while I'm off having a memorable time with my family.

Getting away from the daily grind and routine is what vacation is all about. Leaving the stress of the office, yard work and other daily things behind for a week is pretty liberating and very enjoyable. As with the past few years, my family and I packed our luggage and headed off to the mountains in Colorado. Our previous adventures lead us to Durango, CO and have been there several times, but this year we went further north in the Colorado Rockies to Estes Park, CO, which quickly became our new favorite destination in Colorado.

There's something about the cool, crisp morning mountain air and very comfortable afternoon temperatures that I think draws us to the mountains each year. After spending a week about 7500 feet above sea level, getting used to thinner air, horseback riding, touring the Rocky Mountain National Park, white water rafting and doing the touristy things around town, I realized I was missing some things from back home.

Those being:

  • my pillow
  • my bed
  • my shower
  • and my dog!


  • I miss my shower because being a taller guy all of the hotel and cabin shower heads hit me at shoulders or chin and I have to do a weird contortion thing in the shower to get all the shampoo out of my hair! Plus the lack of hot water with some pressure behind it too!
  • I miss my bed because it seems as if all the hotel and cabin beds are pretty soft. It's a personal thing I know, but I prefer a more firm bed and when I sleep in a soft bed I don't get quality sleep!
  • I miss my pillow because it seems as if all the pillows supplied on any bed I slept on had me nearly sitting up straight! They were pretty thick, but soft but uncomfortable to me.
  • I know I titled the article the 'Three Things I Miss Most While On Vacation', but there is a fourth though. My dog. I really missed my dog while on vacation!

Although it may seem like I am complaining, I'm really not. I had a memorable time while on vacation and I can handle foregoing those three, oops four, comforts of my home for a few days for some great time away from my normal 'routine' with my family.

What are some things you miss while away on vacation? Let me know in the comment section below.

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