Social media will be filled with photos again this weekend as we roll out of 2016 and into a brand new year. Of course, you want the photos of your gathering to show the fun of the event and be flattering to your guests. What's the one trick you need to know to capture that moment and be the envy of all of those who gaze upon your photos?

According to the experts, the key is timing. Not like timing the moment a drink is spilled or projectile vomiting occurs after too much champagne. But the kind of timing that allows your guests to still be looking great and not sloppy. That magic moment occurs exactly two hours and thirty-six minutes into your party.

According to The Gloss, there is a "golden hour" when it comes to photographing a party. That hour is 9 PM. This is assuming your gathering began at 7 PM. The authors of the study found that the two-hour window allows guests to arrive, become comfortable in their surroundings, and have enough cocktails to loosen up but not become too drunk to photograph.

Remember, any photo that you post on social media can eventually be seen by everybody. That would mean co-workers, bosses, divorce attorneys could all be combing your Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, or other social media site. So you want those snaps to be flattering, fun and funny but not embarrassing.

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