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It's bigger than the blue vs. gold dress debate. Even bigger than 'yanny' vs. 'laurel!' Yes, I'm talking about whether or not masks are effective in the fight against coronavirus. With both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes mandating that masks be worn in public, I have to wonder, is Shreveport-Bossier next? And does it even matter if you're wearing a mask if you're already socially distancing? Hmmm...

I polled my friends on Facebook to get their thoughts. It turns out that no one seems to know who to trust in the face of conflicting advice. In fact, Michelle Manzardo even commented that she, 'doesn't believe a word this organization (the World Health Organization) says.' Not surprising, since President Trump has even called W.H.O. into question.

Kevin Clarke called the use of masks in the use of mitigation into question, citing the fine print on a box of masks his company purchased for the use of their employees that says, 'These masks help protect against certain particulate contaminants but do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.' Curiouser and curiouser.


Roland Paris chimed in from the Baton Rouge area saying, 'Baton Rouge just made it mandatory too... well, a few hours ago the Mayor-President announced she will be doing an executive order to put it in place.' It seems to me, NWLA could be seeing the same type of mandates sooner than later. Of course, Paul Ross brings up a good point as well saying, 'I just can't see how it can be "enforced".' Exactly Paul! How many shootings have we had so far this year? I'm pretty sure police have other things on their plate to take care of. You know what, we're going to leave that topic alone for now.

On the other hand, Antoinette Gardner advocates for a mask mandate saying, 'Hopefully. It is disheartening to see and hear people talking about how this is a big hoax. Trust me, they make a difference. We are going backwards and it is so hard to watch people getting critically ill when so often it could have been avoided for a little inconvenience!'

Finally, and most convincing for me of all, Reneau Castore Youngblood weighed in saying, 'As a scientist and worker in our Covid testing lab...I beg everyone to wear a face covering!! Asymptomatic positives can spread unbelievable amounts of virus. A face covering greatly reduces the amount of virus droplets that enter the air. Covering your nose and mouth protects those around you from infection if you have it and don't know... your mom, dad, grandma and grandpa specifically.'

For my part, I'll be happy to wear a mask if a business requires it. I've been in the studio daily since the beginning of the lockdown. I've washed my hands, worn a mask when requested and practiced social distancing. I also took care not to put any of my at risk friends or relatives in harm's way. But when politics get involved as they tend to do, we get even more divided when it comes to finding our way forward.

This is going to be one of our topics of conversation tomorrow on the show. We'd love to hear what you have to say. And as always, feel free to drop your opinion in the comments and make sure to give me a follow!

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