A couple of hundred years ago when true statesmen served our government it was decided that every ten years there should be a count of the number of people in the country. That is the "in-a-nutshell" version of how the United States Census came to be.

The year 2020 is a census year. You've probably heard more than a few mentions about it on commercials aired on radio and television. In years past, census workers would often go door-to-door gathering information from residents. However, that was before the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully we have the internet and many U.S. residents have already filled out their census form online. I say many, the latest report suggests about 36% of Americans have taken their coronavirus downtime to actually get this done.

If you're stuck at home or in isolation and are looking for something to do you could fill out your census form online too. That would be a great way to spend Census Day, don't you think? You can also respond to the census questionnaire via telephone or you can simply drop it in the mail.

Officials with the United States Census say they have already hired hundreds of census takers for later this Spring. Those in-person census evaluations are scheduled to begin in mid-April at colleges, no wait, they're closed in Louisiana. The door to door census taking in residential areas is scheduled to begin near the end of May and will run through the middle of August. Assuming there are no lingering issues with COVID-19.

Trust me, filling out your census information has never been easier. If you've got time to kill during quarantine, why not do it and get it done? The data gleaned from the census will play a huge part in how much federal money and support our community and our state will be eligible to receive. So, it's really important that you take care of this, virus or not, we need you to be counted.




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