I absolutely adore stories like this. It is strange, creepy, and a huge mystery that you just want to pick apart. I know I am strange, but you have to admit you are a little curious to what on earth is going on with this cemetery in Violet, Louisiana.

According to WGNO, Angela Usannaz Shockley and Lanell Stewart Mirabeau went to the Merrick Cemetery and noticed several strange things. Shockley sent a video to the news station about what she saw at the cemetery. Click here to see the video.

In the video you can see that multiple of coffins are out in the open and tombs are disturbed. What I think is so insane is that no one who works for the cemetery has a clue on what happened. It is obvious that someone or something got into the tombs and coffins. According to WGNO, the incident is currently under investigation.

I have a theory... Vampires!! 

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