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I love Torchy's Tacos.  The Trailer Park taco (extra trashy, of course) in the pinnacle of taco fusion perfection.  Honestly, the only drawback of being a Torchy's super-fan is that I can't eat there every night.

I can, however, get a lot closer to that dream with the new line of at home products from the incredible people from Austin that brought us those Damn Good Tacos.  Torchy's has released 2 signature sauces in select grocery stores for you to take home and recreate a bit of that magic with.  Torchy’s world famous Green Chile Queso and Diablo Sauce went on sale this week in 40 Whole Foods locations across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

According to Austin 360, you can find the Green Chile Queso in the refrigerated section, and the Diablo Sauce should be easy to spot in the hot sauce section.  A call to the Shreveport location ended in disappointment however, as our closest location doesn't carry them - yet.

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