If you're taking a Summer trip to Mississippi anytime soon, be advised, a couple of Counties are dealing with some pretty serious toxic bacteria right now.

Mississippi authorities are warning people not to swim or eat any seafood from polluted coastal waters. They also warn you shouldn't even let your pets near the greenish-blue toxic bacteria.

What is it? KATC reports Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Executive Director Joe Spraggins says it's called "Toxic Cyanobacterium". It's caused by the fresh water currently entering the Mississippi River from the New Orleans Spillway. The New Orleans Spillway has been open for quite some time because of the Mississippi River.

Toxic Cyanobacterium can cause rashes, diarrhea, and vomiting.

According to KATC, the Counties and beaches currently affected are -

Hancock County

Lakeshore Beach
Buccaneer State Park Beach
Waveland Beach
Bay St. Louis Beach
Harrison County

Pass Christian West Beach
Pass Christian Central Beach
Pass Christian East Beach
Long Beach Beach
Gulfport Central Beach



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