The Louisiana Senate has passed a measure to override the Governor’s veto on the women’s sports protection bill. By the narrowest of margins, the Senate voted 26-12 to override John Bel Edwards’ veto of this bill. This was a strictly party line vote. It takes 26 votes to override a veto in the Senate. This bill would prohibit transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports. The Governor has said this bill will cost Louisiana events and conventions. He has concerns if this bill becomes law, many groups will steer clear of Louisiana in booking conventions or bringing in businesses.

Many senators say this bill will protect women’s sports. There is concern men might use this law, if it passes, to take spots on women’s sports teams by claiming to be transgender. They say this could end women’s sports in Louisiana. But Senate President Pro Tem Beth Mizell of Franklinton, the sponsor of the bill, says claims that groups might avoid our state if her bill becomes law is simply extortion. She urged her colleagues to look beyond those threats.

Shreveport Senator Gregory Tarver voted for this bill when it came to the Senate floor on May 5, but he voted to sustain the Governor’s veto during the override vote.

Security personnel did remove transgender advocates from the House balcony shortly after the session began.


This could be the one bill that could garner enough votes for an override in the House, too. It will need 70 votes in the House where there are 68 Republicans. Several Democrats voted for this bill during the session. We will have to watch closely to see what they do when the override of this bill gets to the House. That vote is expected on Wednesday.

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