Wait, hipsters shower? I thought they skipped showers to conserve water and embrace that whole socially acceptable unkempt look?

Every day, I visit Twitter to see what's trending in different areas and #HipsterShowerThoughts is trending right now in New Orleans... probably the least hipster city in the union! When I think of New Orleans, I think of pure excess, the French Quarter, the French Market, beignets, street cars, booze and amazing old world architecture situated right next to a building that still hasn't been repaired from Katrina.

#HipsterShowerThoughts is also trending in Baton Rouge as I type (more believable) and in Dallas/Fort Worth (totally believable!)

Just because NOLA doesn't fully embrace the hipster vibe (IMHO), it doesn't mean they don't understand the use of beard oil! Check out some of these hysterical Tweets!

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