Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub, two cities in the state of Louisiana have made the top ten when it comes to the most sinful cities in the country.

Sure, I would expect to see New Orleans on the list, but Baton Rouge? And how does Baton Rouge beat New Orleans when it comes to letting your hair down? Anyone who's ever been to New Orleans knows that if you want to get sinful, Bourbon Street is the place to be!

After compiling statistics involving greed, excess, vice, lust, etc... Baton Rouge came in 8th in the country with New Orleans following closely at 10th. I know you'll find this hard to believe, but Las Vegas came in first! With that being said, you might be wondering which town is the least sinful in the entire United States of America, and according to WalletHub, that city is South Burlington, VT. Sounds boring.

So where did Shreveport rank on the list. Thankfully, you don't find us in the top ten or even top fifty. Shreveport is resting comfortably in the middle in the 70th place out of 182. 


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