The statewide legalization of Uber is set to be a boon for Fort Polk soldiers and others who are looking to get off the base and enjoy the amenities in Alexandria and other nearby cities.

Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce President Deborah Randolph says Alexandria International Airport is the only airport in the region, but up until this week rideshare companies couldn’t operate there.

“This will provide the transportation that they need to get to Fort Polk when they fly in and out of the airport.”

Fort Polk/Leesville to Alexandria International is about a one hour drive.

Military life can mean a lot of moving around, so many servicepeople at Fort Polk probably aren’t familiar with the area and may not even have a car. Randolph says Uber can fix that problem.

“It’s not necessary if they are able to take an Uber over to Alexandria to attend an event or go out, and then there’s no worry about driving home late at night back to the military installation.”

Randolph says she hopes access to Uber will get more servicepeople and their families out and exploring the vibrant culture of central Louisiana.

“It’s arrival will strengthen the safety of our residents, it will help visitors reach more destinations, and increase the economic vitality of our small businesses.”

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