Are we sure the owner of Uber isn't named George Jetson? Because we'd sure like to meet him.

We are truly living in the days of the future. You know, the future we all fantasized about when we were kids. The future that was portrayed in all of our favorite movies, including Back to the Future. We have officially been introduced to drone mail deliveries and hoverboards, so what are we missing?

On-demand flying vehicle transportation.

Enter Uber. According to the Texas Tribune, Uber is developing these "intra-urban flying" vehicles and intend to start testing them in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. This partnership between the city and Uber, if successful, could bring us the Uber Elevate Network by as early as 2020.

Well, that's the scheduled date for the first live demonstration.

In addition, Uber is working with a Dallas-based company called Hillwood Properties to create "vertiports" where passengers can be picked up and dropped off from their VTOLs. That's the name for the vehicles because of their ability to "vertically take off an land."

My question is, will the VTOLs come equipped with motion sickness bags?

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