A UL Lafayette student’s face mask sewing operation receives the national spotlight from CBSSewing with Savoie founder Christine Savoie says requests for masks have picked up with the CDC now recommending wearing a face covering when in public.

“I had a church contact me because they give out meals to the elderly and they wanted protection and there are some people who are immunocompromised, people who are cancer patients who are going in for treatments and want to feel protected,” said Savoie.

Savoie says she’s got a tight-knit group of friends helping to contribute to the assembly of hundreds of masks.

“I think the number last time I checked was at 580, so we’ve gotten a lot of masks out there since the operation has started.  To me it is such an impressive number because it is such a small group,” said Savoie.

Savoie set up a Facebook page for the operation to help in distributing sewing patterns, take requests, and donations of resources.  Savoie says it has been rewarding seeing the pictures of people wearing some of the different masks she has made.

“With all the different designs, like I’ve had crawfish, I’ve have alligators, for the girl scouts I found a pattern with girl scout cookies on it, which I won’t lie, it made me hungry as I made them because I was like, ‘Oh man, now I want some Thin Mints,'” said Savoie.

(Story written by Kevin Barnhart/Louisiana Radio Network)


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