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Call it coincidence, but three months ago, I went to my doctor and found out I was the heaviest I've ever been... like offensive lineman heavy... that same week, Wallethub released a study naming the Shreveport/Bossier City area as the 2nd fattest in the country!

The data they used was comprised of information regarding obesity, health consequences and food and fitness. Shreveport/Bossier is second only to the Little Rock, AR metro.

I had a problem, but at least I wasn't alone. Since that fateful date on March 12th I've been working hard with my Physician's Assistant. We started off by doing a full battery of tests, blood, blood pressure, you name it, and we settled on the South Beach diet program and the drug Qsymia.

For the first month, I ordered my meals through the South Beach website and I won't lie, it wasn't cheap and it wasn't easy. I had been eating way more calories than I realized. WAY more calories than I realized and I was tracking them religiously. Let's put it this way. I cut my intake by a 1/3. I was now eating around 800-1,000 calories a day, however, I was eating more than I ever did before... It was just good food, not empty calories. I was also eating fruits and vegetables and balancing my macro-nutrients 30/30/30. But with the Qsymia on board, my cravings were gone. You could have a Southern Maid donut in front of me and it wouldn't phase me... We were off to a good start.

Just a few things to note. Qsymia does have some side effects. It can mess with your sleep patterns, cause tingling in your hands and/or feet, cause constipation and birth defects, so if you're of child bearing age, if this is something you want to talk about with your doctor, they'll most likely insist you go on some sort of birth control.

I've hit several plateaus and I've started exercising to help get past them, but here's the good news. In just shy of three months, I went from a BMI of 41.4 to 36.3 and lost almost 12% of my body weight. I'm significantly outpacing the published weight loss studies for Qsymia and I plan to keep on doing it! Wish me luck!

However, God must truly have a twisted sense of humor, or I wouldn’t be losing weight from my boobs first!

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