We told the story on the air this morning about the appearance at an accident sight, praying with and comforting a young woman victim, then, mysteriously, disappearing. And, then, the phones went crazy with listeners' stories of their own.

There was the woman with the story about the extremely well dressed child who gave her the exact change for her son to ride an arcade ride when she had no money. When she turned, just seconds later to thank him, he was gone. Then we had the amazing story from a listener who was moving, with her husband, from Shreveport to Benton. They'd been unemployed for a few months and he'd found a job in that small town. She told us they were down to their last few dollars, but had rented a truck and made three or four 'runs' back and forth hauling their belongings. After a day of moving, her husband went to gas up the truck, before taking i back, as the contract demanded. After a full day of driving, but only a few dollars remaining, the truck, amazingly, filled up for less than three dollars. 'It was a miracle', she said.

So, do you believe in angels, or not? Take a look at the video. Hear (and see) the story of the 'angel / priest', and let us know what you think.