Let me start off by saying don't be that girl. We all know the girl who gets showered with presents on the day of love. I am talking flowers being sent to her workplace, getting her the chocolate-dipped strawberries, and reserving a table at her favorite restaurant. Meanwhile "that girl" gifts her thoughtful and doting man a Valentine's Day card with his favorite candy bar. Come on ladies, we are better than that. We can be romantic too.

How can we wow him this year? We go all out for Valentine's Day. By going all out I mean we buy him something he does not expect. I did something very different this year. I went ahead and purchased him a Pit Boss grill. I realize I will be benefitting from his grilling, however, he obsessed over getting a grill for a long time, and I figured I would be the one to pull the trigger.

It's not just a grill you could purchase him. I asked a few guys around the office what gift they would love to receive on Valentine's day and here is what they suggested.

Valentine's Day Gifts He Will Love

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