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Geek'd Con 2022 is almost here! It's all going down at the Shreveport Convention Center THIS WEEKEND (August 19th-21st). We have tons of amazing guests lined up including Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy, Clint Howard, Cooper Andrews & a whole lot more. You can find the full line up here. If you don't have tickets yet, you can buy them here.

But one request we've gotten more than anything this year is "Do you have a list of vendors that will be at Geek'd Con this year". We've never put out a list before...but if you want it, we have you covered. As always, the list and vendor locations are subject to change. But, hopefully, there's not a lot of (or any) changes between now and Friday.

Also, not listed below is the Scouts Comics booth (they're a guest but they'll also be selling stuff), Excalibur Comics which is the giant square right in front of the Main Floor Entrance and the GamersXP Game Room which will be upstairs.

via Geek'd Con
via Geek'd Con


501st Legion - Bast Alpha Garrison10X10 Retail Booth240, 241
7th dimension20x20 Island242
A Bit Of Glass8x8 Creator517
A&H Games Ruston10X10 Retail Booth206
Adorkable By Design8x8 Creator510
Alley Cat Handmade8x8 Creator522
An Illustrated Imagination8x8 Creator518
Andrew Herman10X20 Retail116, 117
Archangel Games10x30 Corner Retail140, 141, 142
Battlebatz10X10 Retail Booth176
Black Swan jewelry8x8 Creator511
Blade daddy10x30 Corner Retail144, 145, 146
Boba Xpress10X10 Retail Booth131
Bombard 3D Print & Design10X10 Retail Booth158
Bossier Parish Libraries10X10 Retail Booth227
BPCC Communication Media10X20 Retail132, 133
Burnitt Farms10X20 Retail136, 137
C.I. Chevron, Michael Scott Clifton8x8 Creator524
CADA10X10 Retail Booth232
Cat Lady Creations8x8 Creator527
Cates Concepts LLC8x8 Creator520
Chris' Comics and Collectibles10X10 Retail Booth163
Cohab10X10 Retail Booth215
Collected10X20 Retail216, 217
Comic Wreck10x30 Corner Retail168, 169, 170
Corey's Corner8x8 Creator523
Corset Punk & Kilts10X20 Retail160, 161
CorsPlasticSmores8x8 Creator526
Crawfish Max Art8x8 Creator529
Crooked Tree Graphics8x8 CreatorNEXT TO OTTS
CyPhaCon10X10 Retail Booth238
Dani Saiz8x8 Creator530
Day and Knight Collectibles10X20 Retail112, 113
Digital Media Institute10x30 Corner Retail224, 225, 226
Dragon Wagon Crafts8x8 Creator519
Dreams of Fancy8x8 Creator515
Earthlizard Designs10X10 Retail Booth193
Eneg Art & Design8x8 Creator512
Epic Geek Shop10X20 Retail200, 201
Escape SBC10x30 Corner Retail108, 109, 110
European Psychic10X10 Retail Booth150
Exile Into Imagination10X10 Retail Booth118
Express Employment Professionals10X10 Retail Booth134


Flerken Crafts10X10 Retail Booth143
Forgotten Treasures20X20 Island Retail164, 165, 166, 167
Gaedii’s Embroidery10X10 Retail Booth203
Gallery Panda20x20 Island120, 121, 122, 123
Gamer's XP20X20 Island Retail100, 101, 102, 103
GeekDevotions8x8 Creator502
Generations Gifts10X20 Retail154, 155
Georgia Jones Godwin, Artist8x8 Creator531
GGVR Arcade10X10 Retail Booth190
Goose’s Goods10X10 Retail Booth135
Gulf Coast Collectibles10X20 Retail156, 157
In My Parents Basement10x30 Corner Retail180, 181, 182
Irish Crafter10X10 Retail Booth105
J and J Enterprises10x30 Corner Retail177, 178, 179
Jaime Coker Creations10X20 Retail106, 107
JAPAN TOYZ10X10 Retail Booth211
Jason Turner Art8x8 Creator535
Johnny's Pizza10X10 Retail Booth192
Julies Crochet Thangs8x8 Creator516
K & M Coin and Currency Supplies10X10 Retail Booth129
Kimo Mikala Sewing8x8 Creator532
Kiwimaille Creations8x8 Creator537
Krewe of Barkus & Meoux10X10 Retail Booth237
leafhoney8x8 Creator533
Leonor Resale Shop10x30 Corner Retail208, 209, 210
Living Dead Girl - Killer Handbags8x8 Creator534
Loftis Woodworking20X20 Island Retail172, 173, 174, 175
LSUS10X10 Retail Booth130
LT Nerdstation10X10 Retail Booth214
Mad Cow Masks8x8 Creator504
Man Made Soap10x30 Corner Retail188, 189, 191
Mario's Comics10X10 Retail Booth104
Meesh Originals10X10 Retail Booth202
Meta tcg20X20 Island Retail196, 197, 198, 199
Mitchell Studios8x8 Creator501
Moonlit Artisans10X10 Retail Booth186
Mosto Creations10X20 Retail138, 139
Mr. J's Illustration8x8 Creator508
Neon Culture10X10 Retail Booth218
Next Level Grades10X10 Retail Booth942
North Louisiana Football Alliance10X10 Retail Booth236
Northwood Acting Studio10X20 Retail148, 149
OLD SKOOL GAMES LLC.10X20 Retail194, 195


Ott's Concessions LLC10x10 RetailWATER
Pagan Toys8x8 Creator536
Pizza Hut10X20 Retail220, 221
Pumpken productions10X10 Retail Booth162
Pure Alchemy Soaps8x8 Creator538
Rarity Makes10X10 Retail Booth114
Rebel Legion - Dabobah Base10X10 Retail Booth240, 241
Renee's Run10X10 Retail Booth235
Rhela's Chibi Corner8x8 Creator509
Ronda Petray8x8 Creator541
Sci-Port Discovery Center10X10 Retail Booth239
Scotty's Toy Shop10X10 Retail Booth119
Shreve Memorial Library10X10 Retail Booth183
Shreveport Mudbugs10X10 Retail Booth234
Sileo Cross Studios8x8 Creator500
Simsonite Creations LLC10X10 Retail Booth151
Spiral Hill Toys & Collectibles10X10 Retail Booth187
SportsCards - Louisiana10X10 Retail Booth219
Steel Fox Games10X20 Retail184, 185
Steve's Snaketuary10X10 Retail Booth147
Studio of Stitches / Galaxy Gear10X20 Retail212, 213
Sun Bear Crafts8x8 Creator514
Swampy Sloth Studios8x8 Creator521
T. R. MORRIS CRAFTS10X10 Retail Booth222
TeeCat10X10 Retail Booth207
TeeTurtle10X10 Retail Booth115
The Bobbin Weave10X10 Retail Booth127
The Elven Critter10X10 Retail Booth159
The Grand Writer8x8 Creator506
The Pink Ribbon Link8x8 Creator505
The Polkadot Alligator8x8 Creator539
The Rock Ninja10X10 Retail Booth126
The Sinister Emporium8x8 Creator513
The Sturgeon Workshoppe10X10 Retail Booth223
The Third Eye Art Shop8x8 Creator542
Thesis Creation8x8 Creator540
Think Goodness10X10 Retail Booth153
Thomas A. Watson/A-POC PRESS AUTHORS10X20 Retail124, 125
Thomas M Little ART10X10 Retail Booth152
Unique & Sassy8x8 Creator507
US Marines10X10 Retail Booth171
Valor Comic Services10X10 Retail Booth128
WHERE DA WAIFU8x8 Creator503
White Tiger Collectables10x30 Corner Retail228, 229, 230


WhmZcoat10X10 Retail Booth231
Wild Wood Shed10X10 Retail Booth111
Wilde Designs8x8 Creator543
Witchy Wish8x8 Creator525
Xina's Epic Yarn8x8 Creator528
Yogie and Friends FIV Positive Cat Sanctuary10X10 Retail Booth233
Zobie Productions10x20 Retail204, 205

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