There are thousands of committed teachers across the state of Louisiana trying to help students achieve as much as possible through the Louisiana school system. Their work is so appreciated by parents, students and administrators

WalletHub's latest ratings though, have Louisiana in the top five of states who receive poor marks for our overall school system.

When Louisiana is compared to other states, we have some very low rankings in a variety of sectors. WalletHub analysis shows that we score much lower than other states when it comes to the results of test scores of math, results of test scores of reading and test scores when our students take the ACT.

In the middle of a pandemic, each school district in Louisiana has some general guidelines to follow but must devise their own plan for returning to classes.

In addition to just numbers determining how school systems across the country are performing, WalletHub also looks at thirty-three other factors including some of the following:

  • WalletHub looked about how many students are in each class.
  • WalletHub analyzed how much education each instructor has.
  • WalletHub looked at the safety of schools throughout the country.
  • WalletHub assessed how much money is spent on students and classrooms.

Louisiana's Rankings Among Other States

Reasons Why Louisiana Ranks As The Second Worst School System In Our Country

Massachusetts is the state that came in number one in the rankings.


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