Walmart wants to make sure everyone has something on their table for Thanksgiving.

The retail giant has reportedly has teamed up with Ibotta to make sure you can afford to have food on the table by offering 100% cash back on select items for the meal.

Included in the giveaways will be butterball turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, drinks and more. This is all part of their free Thanksgiving program.

If you'd like more information on this offer click HERE. I'd also encourage you to share this story with others on social media so that they are aware of this very generous offer.

The approximate value for this offer is just over $20 and you'll need to download the Ibotta app to redeem the expense.

2020 has been a rough year financially and a lot of families could probably use this "break" being offered by Walmart. Let's all do our part to let them know of this offer.


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