In a move that they have been eyeing for quite some time now, Amazon has launched an online pharmacy.

Amazon is shaking up the pharmacy industry as they enter this new business, giving shoppers the ability to purchase their medication and order refills from their smartphones and have it delivered to their doorsteps within just a few days.

Basically, it would work just like anything else you order on Amazon. This move puts the big chains like CVS and Walgreens on alert because of how heavily they rely on the foot traffic from people picking up prescriptions to shop in other parts of their stores.

Amazon Pharmacy is kicking off the new service by offering commonly prescribed medications right away (think pills, creams, insulin, etc.). Shoppers will be required to set up a profile and have their doctors send prescriptions to Amazon.

As far as insurance goes, Amazon says most providers are accepted but Prime members who don't have insurance will still have the option to purchase brand name or generic drugs for a discounted price.

I checked the site and Amazon Pharmacy isn't serving Louisiana just yet, but you can sign up for the waitlist and get more information here.


For more details on this big move from Amazon, see more via the full story at CNBC.

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