These #WhatTheFluff videos have been all over my Facebook page, and I have loved seeing the reactions of the dogs and now cats to their loved ones disappearing behind a blanket. If you don't know what I am talking about check out the video below.

However, In my boyfriend's attempt at the #WhatTheFluff challenge we didn't get an adorable "wtf" moment from my dog. He knew instantly where he was. I mean, it was still cute but there is an explanation on what happened. What we don't see or hear in the video below is my boyfriends foot steps which is what my dog heard. So my tip to you when you try this with your furry little pup or kit kat make sure to wear socks and be light on your toes.

If you have made a #WhatTheFluff video, we want to see them! Comment them on our Facebook page!

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