For Mudbugs fans, it can't possibly get any sweeter than this.

Last night was a historic Mudbugs game, in case you somehow haven't heard the news. For starters, it was their biggest game of the season, with everything they've worked hard for hanging in the balance. It's game five against their biggest rival, in a game where that must win to keep their season alive.

Neither team disappointed in this monster match-up.

In fact, the teams were having so much fun, they decided to play two full games!

That's right, this game was the longest in Mudbugs hockey history, going to it's third overtime before a winner was ultimately decided.

When the dust finally settled, the Mudbugs found the game winning goal as the clock neared midnight, a glorious rebound shot driven in by Timmy Clifton. The goal sent the Mudbugs to the next round of the playoffs, where they'll take on the Amarillo Bulls.

Check out the game-winning goal and following team celebration below!



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