Hard to believe we’re only four episodes into the second season of Westworld — so much has happened in that short time, and last night’s “The Riddle of the Sphinx” was no exception, delivering a few more twists and turns. But there was one more surprise in store for viewers who stuck around to watch the preview of next week’s fifth installment, “A New World,” which is finally taking us to Shogun World.

If you missed the tantalizing trailer last night, you can watch it above. Where “The Riddle of the Sphinx” divided its focus between Bernard (lost between various timelines, like Dolores in Season 1) and William (more on that in a second), “A New World” appears to center on Maeve’s ongoing journey to find her “daughter” — which takes her to Shogun World, where she meets the samurai-centric park’s version of herself, played by Pacific Rim’s Rinko Kikuchi! We also see Maeve wielding a sword, and given her violent, determined arc, I reckon hosts and guests alike should watch the hell out.

Next week is sure to add more intrigue to the ongoing narrative(s), which yielded some surprising intel in “The Riddle of the Sphinx”: As many assumed / speculated, Delos is indeed working to combine human consciousness with host tech, starting (?) with Jim Delos, whose return from the grave is fraught with glitches — seems that human consciousness doesn’t marry well with the host body. Where hosts have proven quite adaptive in becoming sentient, the human mind appears to reject its reborn reality. And while that may throw a wrench in Wyatt’s plan, William may not want to take that risk.

Elsewhere, we learned that Logan died of an overdose at some point (makes sense), and that the woman featured in The Raj park is actually William’s daughter (again, makes sense). Also, the Ghost Nation appears to pose no real threat to guests, just other hosts.

“A New World” will air next Sunday, May 20, on HBO.

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