Does your phone number spell out a clever word or phrase?

Back in the day, vanity phone numbers were all the rage—especially if you were using it for branding or business purposes. For instance, having the phone number 234-LAWN would be perfect for someone who cut grass for a living. Another great example would be an auto dealer with the number 984-CARS.

Not only would a business have a very memorable and unique phone number that didn't require potential customers to have to write their number down—but it also eliminated their competitors from being able to have the number as well.

Basically, it was equivalent to having an amazing domain name on the web today—which is what all but replaced the vanity number concept for many businesses.

It was also a lot easier because hardwired landline telephones in homes and businesses all had letters as bold as the day was bright located on their buttons.

But, its still fun to see what phrases or words your phone number might spell out—especially since there is a website that talks all the guesswork out of the equation. Simply enter your phone number (10 or 7-digit) into the PhoneSpell search engine to see all the possibilities that your phone number can spell out.

You can even use the site to spell out the word or phrase you would like to use and it will give you all the possible number combinations that way as well.

I tried our studio line using 234-1079 and only came up with "beg-1079." Of course we want you to listen, but we would probably never use that phrase to give the number out. Using the 10-digit number combination with the area code, our results still remained as unflattering as possible.

Try your number out by clicking here. Let us know what words or phrases it spells out in the comments below and if you come across a good one, make sure you keep that number forever.

As long as its better than "beg-1079."

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