So much work goes on inside the Superdome prior to a New Orleans Saints season.

As fans, we get to a stadium prior to a game and all that we often see is the final product. But a lot of work and preparation goes on inside stadiums or domes before kick-off.

In the video below, you'll see how much work and how much time is put into laying the turf down in the dome. Hours of backbreaking work is put into the making sure the playing surface is up to par before players ever step foot on it.

Did you know that 365,000 tons of sand and rubber pellets are spread across the turf? This allows the artificial turf to feel more like a natural playing field and allows for player's feet to not get caught up in the turf.

After a lot of cutting and stitching, the turf is ready for game day. I think that this video will make all of us appreciate the work so many put into making the game day happen in the dome.

Too bad no fans have yet to be allowed in for the 2020 season.


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