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In case you missed it Tuesday, a single ticket purchased in Arizona won an estimated $410 million in the Mega Millions and we think you'll be surprised by how many people said they'd keep the money from their spouse!

I was astounded when I saw the results of this survey. When I said made my marriage vows, I meant them wholeheartedly. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd later become a divorcee. Maybe it's because of my attitude with regard to marriage, but I'm simply horrified that one in six people say they would quickly end their relationship with their significant other in order to keep the money to themselves. The study comes from SWNS Digital and they further revealed that a quarter of the 2,000 respondents said they wouldn't leave their partner, but they wouldn't split the money 50/50 either. Furthermore, 36% of those questioned said that they would break up with their partner if they found out their partner won the lottery and didn't want to split it with them. Can you blame them? What happened to, 'for richer or poorer?'

This study came out in a British report and it got me to thinking... do we feel the same way as the Brits here in northwest Louisiana? I polled locals online and I feel much better after seeing their answers!

Tracie Trant Herman - I wouldn’t “give” him half. It would be OURS. We’re married and would continue to be so ~ unless he has plans that I don’t know about
Richard McBroom - I got news for all of them, it would not be their choice, the courts would give it to them
Trey Thames - First thing I’d do was pay off the debt of several churches that have impacted my life... As a couple I’ve never done the mine/yours crap... you are 1...
Dawn Thomas - It would be ours and there’s no amount of money to justify the bullish!t I’ve put up with all these years. Haha. Jk. We’d be incredibly wealthy pains in each other’s tushy. We would simply be doing it while living the dream(s).
Darrell Venable Rhyne - As we have done for 20 years, we would spend it together building churches, giving to charity and surprising a lot of people less fortunate. And, a new boat!!
Rachael Hawkins-Cox - Stay together and use the money with my family... for family, friends, and rescue horses/dogs!
Steven Lewis - Well you could always buy more relationships I guess
Karen Taylor Carlsrud - After 45 years...has been & always will be ours!
John P. Escude - I once posed the same question to my wife in the event that I won the lottery. I simply ask, how much for you to disappear? She replied, all of it. After a brief pause, I looked at her and said, fair enough. This is a true story.....
Dana Heath - It would be both of ours to begin with.
Alexis VanTreese Hixon - My money is my money and his money is my money. Totally kidding lmao. We are a team. It would be OUR money. And if you hit 140 million dollars and you can’t give you spouse half of that, then you’re just greedy lol.
Stephanie Stuart - Id absolutely slit 50/50 with my dude! ❤️
Sharron Reeves Strawn - What is his is mine and vice-versa. In our marriage, we have traded places as primary earners and it has never been a problem. Isn’t Louisiana community property state, though?

As you can see, in our area, folks take their relationships a little more seriously... and they have a GREAT sense of humor. But what would YOU do?

Read more comments from locals here and we'd love to hear what you have to say, too!

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