We finally did it. My partner and I had been discussing purchasing a home for several years. I am pretty sure my partner brought up purchasing a home BEFORE he brought up the topic of marriage. Basically buying a home is the American dream, but the millennial dream is providing your dog with the backyard you know they deserve. So I am very happy to report that my dog Olive will be able to enjoy a backyard and finally be able to sunbathe without me needing to monitor her on a concrete patio.

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My partner and I are not the only ones that were on a house search. Another couple in our friend's group is also searching for a home. They thought they found their dream home but after an inspection, they realized their home needed nearly $50,000 worth of repairs. My friend said, "If that homeowner would have taken care of his home, he could have sold it and not be stuck with a huge bill just to be able to move it." It got me thinking, what things do homeowners need to do to make sure that their home doesn't seem neglected years from now?


The things that my friends listed off were things I would never think of. Gutters? Who checks that? Garage doors, kitchen lighting, there are so many things I would never consider.  Although I am extremely excited to argue about colors and figure out what we plan to do with our landscaping I am wanting to know what are the things that I need to look out for that are not so obvious.

I'd love to hear from you homeowner. Message me on Facebook by clicking here. I am open to any and all advice.

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