They say that where we find ourselves right, at this moments, is the reaping of the seeds we've sown in the past. And where you find yourself five or ten years from now will be the reaping of the seeds we're sowing right now. What are those seeds? Decisions.

Decision leads to the actions we take that change our lives for the better, or worse. Even indecision is itself a decision. And very often, we find ourselves wishing we'd made one. Otherwise life makes a "choice" for you, and we don't always find ourselves happy about it.

I confess, I tend toward being a bit indecisive so I've experienced this in my own personal experience. Making decisions is harder for some us--usually because we overthink everything to death--even the littlest things, like what the heck do I want for dinner. Hmm. Good question.


If you're feeling powerless and/or out of control of your own life, learning to make better decisions is a way to take back control and step into your own personal power that can, and likely will, change your life. So how can we make better decisions? Here's a few tips:

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Look at your goals, and make decisions that "take steps" to you there. Look at the big picture and then reverse engineer the steps that get you there. Now, if you've not written out any goals, then consider that step one.

Make decisions focused on long-term goals, rather than immediate gratification. You may want to decide to eat a half-gallon of Blue Bell, but that isn't the decision you'll ultimately be glad you made. Unless, of course, your goal includes becoming a sumo wrestler.

Once you have all the info you need to make a decision, don't put it off. At some point you must engage. Otherwise, as aforementioned, life will "choose" for you. Often your gut instinct is correct. Take a risk, pull the trigger. Even if you have to re-group it's better to take a different path as need than to have never taken one at all.

That being said, get the facts first. When you're facing a particularly big decision especially, get all the info you can so you can make the best decision. Also--seek those facts and/or advice from reliable sources. We love our friends, but that doesn't mean they always know what you should do in every situation.

Good luck. Engage.

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