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Calling all of our Louisiana sportsmen! We need help identifying this animal...

My friend Cory Crew drives for UPS and caught this video in the Stonewall/Frierson area. As you can tell, it was dark out and whatever it was didn't sound friendly! I don't know about you, but I'd be back on the truck real quick like if I had heard that! Which begs the question, 'What the heck was it?'

Now, I say it's some type of bird. Cory claims it has to be a cat, something like a huge man-eating jaguar! Of course, he wants to think it's a predatory animal so that he can keep his man card;)

So my outdoorsmen and women, what do you think it is? It seems as if public opinion was split with regard to it being a bird or a cat. I, of course, want to be proven correct. Can you help with that?

Needless to say, we had a few comedians step to the plate.  Carter said it, 'sounds like his ex.' Then Toby Rivers had to throw in that he thinks it sounds like a fox, neither a bird nor a cat, into the mix. Stephanie Stuart certainly didn't help when she added that she thought it was, 'a drunk Karen.' Not be outdone, Crystal Leigh thinks it's the sound of aliens!

Check out the video and tell us what you think it is in the comments and feel free to give me a follow!

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