Millions of chocolate Easter bunnies will find their way in to children's Easter baskets and in the hands of some chocolate craving adults this Easter, but how it's consumed is the big question!

When you unwrap that chocolate Easter bunny and get ready to devour it in one sitting, what part of the bunny disappears first? The ears, the tail or the feet?

If you're an ears first kind of person, you're in the norm according to Today and AARP. 59% of us eat the ears first while only 4% start at the feet. Then there's the group that just indiscriminately nibbles away at the chocolate bunny any way they can get their teeth sunk into it and that's about a third of us!

No matter which way you eat your solid or hollow chocolate Easter bunny it's all good because it's ... chocolate after all!

Let's see how you eat your bunny,

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