I love it when science helps confirm my disgust and distaste for an activity. In this case, the activity is when passengers in my car or any car ride with their feet on the dashboard. Feet don't belong there. Just like they don't belong on top of the row of seats in front of you at the movie theater or between the seats of an airplane.

I don't have an issue with feet in general. I have two of my own and I use them every day but I try not to make my feet other people's business. However, when you stick them on the dashboard of a car they are now in my line of sight as the driver. They also leave feet or shoe prints on my dashboard. They also have a "foot" smell that seems to gravitate toward the ventilation system in the vehicle.

Audra Tatum of Georgia has a story that will make my reasons for not liking feet on the dashboard seem very inconsequential. She always rode with her feet propped up. Then she was involved in a crash and the deployment of the airbag coupled with the impact of the crash has changed her ability to use her legs.

I want you to ponder what would happen to you if your feet were on the dashboard of a car and the airbag deployed. It might be the first and last time you were ever able to put your knees behind your head. That is if you're fortunate enough to not be knocked unconscious by the force of your knee being slammed into your skull.

Car safety and restraint systems are designed to protect drivers and riders who are in a normal sitting position. If you aren't sitting normally with your feet on the floorboard those very same systems that are designed for safety can become dangerous obstacles in the event of a crash.

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