We need a local Cat Cafe. You know, the little coffee shops that let you hang out with cats while you drink lattes and. When I was on a trip in College to South Korea I got to visit one. It was so cool! The cats wore color coded bandanas that let you know which cats liked to be petted, who liked to play with toys, and ones who were sassy.

Needless to say I was obsessed with this concept of a cafe. The cool thing about the cafes is that they were all available for adoption through local shelters.

Since my trip more Cat Cafes have started to pop up around the U.S. I am crossing my fingers that one day we will get one here but till then this featured app of the week will have to do. It’s called “Cat Cafe”. You basically run your own shop.

Its a game that allows you to assign cats to cafe visitors. It’s a silly games but if you love cats- you’ll love this app. It’s free and available in the apple play store.

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