The new school year is starting and that means there are college students looking for an affordable place to live. Unfortunately, I was required to live on campus during my time in college and didn't have a choice of who I was rooming with, but that is another story. For those who have the option of having living off campus one of the best ways to find a nice place to live and save money is to find a roommate.

That brings me to this week's featured app.  It is all about finding the perfect roommate. Let me introduce to you Roomi: Roommate & Room Finder. This app also has a website that you can refer to and find more details. You can browse local listings of homes and apartments by budget, location, and amenities. You can talk to the owner through the app. You then can find roommates and find out things about them like their cleaning routines, pet preferences, and profession to see who you would fit best with as a roommate. This is perfect for students who are moving into the area looking for a place to make a home.

While you are in the app store, do not forget to download the K945 app.  It is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.