I have always loved watching the Tasty videos on Facebook and Instagram. They somehow put me into a trance and I fall deep under their spell. Next thing I know 3 hours have past and I am super hungry. That is why this week's featured app is for my obsession with this brand and their app: Tasty!

First thing is first is that it is completely free. Yay! My favorite four letter word. The second thing I love about this app is that it caters to your diet. I am a new vegetarian and I can alter the recipes that Tasty offers by cutting meaty dishes out. They also work with allergies as well.

The app features how to videos that give you informative step-by-step instructions to make their meals. BTW they currently have over 2,000 recipes. I am in love with this app. The only thing I wish they had was some way that I could list off the ingredients that I currently own in my pantry and fridge, and then the app tell me what all I can make with those ingredients. That might just be the lazy side of me, but I hate when I find a yummy recipe and I am missing one thing.

Other than my one slightly lazy change I would make to the app, I app-solutely love it. Check it out for yourself here.

While you are checking out the app, make sure to download the K945 app. The app is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.