In my attempt to becoming an adult I have found that I suck at managing money. Apparently, this is a normal thing for people my age. Investopedia says that Millennials struggle with money because we are unable to "achieve material goals" and blames social media for the influence to buy items we don't need.

Although I don't necessarily agree with that statement, I can only speak for myself. I struggle with managing money and that is the honest truth. So if you struggle like I do then the app of the week is going to be perfect for you.

The app is (insert drum roll) Mint!

The app compiles all your bank accounts along with any account that you have set up for loan payments or bills and creates a eye pleasing display of your transactions and payment statuses. It is private and is safe. That was one of my biggest concerns with using this app, but I have tested it out for the past week and I love it.

It is available for both iPhones and Andriods. To check out the app for yourself click here.