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There's speculation that when Louisiana phases out the added Federal unemployment benefits portion of unemployment checks this Saturday, July 31, that lots of people will begin to go back to work here in the Bayou State.

With that in mind, you know the workplace complaints will soon begin to explode. Working in a radio station for the last 38 years, I’ve heard literally thousands of complaints.  And contrary to what you’d think, most of them weren’t from our listeners.

They were actually from the staff itself.  Complaints ranging from “Okay, who took my headphones?” to “Somebody stole my yogurt out of the refrigerator” and “He’s playing the music so loud in there it shook my pictures off the wall”.

One of my all-time favorites is the never-ending “Something smells really bad in there.”  Course, we get the nasty notes on the vending machine “This thing owes me 75 cents” and “Can’t you ever put anything good to eat in here?”  So I got to wondering “what is the number one complaint in the work place?”

And believe it or not, odds are your number one is the same as ours.

In an article from commercialrealestate.com, the number one complaint is "The pay isn't fair."  Sound way too familiar?

Here's what they found to be the next nine.

  • Not enough feedback from the managers
  • Office is too noisy
  • Other people aren't being nice
  • I.T. issues
  • Harassment or bullying in the workplace
  • Changes in the workplace
  • The workload
  • 24/7 demands
  • Tie between It's too hot and It's too cold

Course, with so many working from home these days, I'm guessing that most of these, outside those dreaded I.T. issues, really aren't applicable.

But, for those who do have to spend time at the office, I'm thinking that the "too hot" or "too cold" trumps all others, because when you're uncomfortable in regards to the temperature, you just can't perform. And here in Louisiana, the heat is a constant factor, so I'm guessing it moves that one to the number one slot for us.

Now, there are certain jobs that would have unique complaints. Like those who work for portable toilet companies. I'm pretty sure they have complaints that none of us could imagine. And just imagine you work customer service for an electric company here in Louisiana during the summer and people have just received their electric bill. Oh, that could never be fun.

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