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And no, the answer isn't asking whether or not it's legal to date your cousin! According to a new study from ViasatSavings.com, the biggest question people from Louisiana  ask about dating is, 'How to date online?'

In light of the pandemic, it's a fair question. Singles had it especially rough during the lockdown. After all, you couldn't hang out at your local watering hole to find a date for the weekend. Heck, you couldn't get out to go on a date. The only option was online dating. Personally, I think it allowed you to get to know people better before meeting in person when they relaxed restrictions because there was more time spent talking.

I know there's still a bit of a stigma when it comes to online dating, but according to a 2019 study from Stanford University, online dating is now the most prevalent way for folks to meet.

While some states wanted to know about getting verified on Tinder or whether or not you should 'slide into someone's DMs,' Texas asked about the top dating apps to use and Arkansas wanted to know how to go on a Zoom (virtual) date. If you ask me, that's a whole heck of a lot better than what Alabama was asking about because they wanted to know about the best way to break up via text. For the record, the only thing worse is breaking up via Post-It note. Sex and the City fans will understand;)

While I personally haven't found love online, YET... I have met some incredible people. Hope springs eternal!

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, Tinder is the top dating app followed by Bumble, where women have to initiate contact. You can learn how to Zoom here. 


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