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COVID-19 has been running wild, worldwide, since December of last year. Since March 13th, most states have been under strict guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. While most who contract the virus make a full recovery, COVID is potentially deadly and can cause long-term medical complications. Currently, the U.S. and most of the world is experiencing a '3rd wave' of COVID infections.

Since the coronavirus was deemed a global pandemic and mitigation measures put in place, the one big questions has been "when will things return to normal?" Yesterday, while announcing new COVID restrictions, the Governor offered his thoughts on the virus, our immediate future and when he believes things will begin to return to 'normal'.

After announcing the state's return to a 'modified' Phase 2, the Governor began fielding questions about the COVID vaccine and his outlook for the state. John Bel stated numerous times throughout his nearly hour long press conference that the state and nation is in for "a rough couple of months". The Governor said he doesn't believe that things will loosen up much more than they currently are until a large percentage of the population receives both doses of the COVID vaccine.

Naturally, the follow up question to that was does the state have a plan in place for vaccine distribution and does he see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Governor said that there is a framework in place, but things aren't set in stone because at this time there's time frame on vaccine delivery or any idea on how many doses will be delivered.

Edwards continued on to say that if we really want to get through this, people need to comply with the state's mitigation measures. JBE said that the virus precautions are not permanent and will only be in place for a finite amount of time and noted that more compliance the state gets, the quicker we can get to the finish line. He said, that if all goes well, he believes that things can begin returning to normal by "May or June".

You can watch the Governor's full COVID update below:

But, that's only if all goes well. At this time, there's a lot of unknown factors. There's not a set date on when/if the FDA will approve and distribute any of the 3 major COVID vaccines. It's also unknown how long this '3rd wave' of COVID infections will last.

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