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In Louisiana, we have some unique ways to phrase things. That begs the question when you want to cool your house, do you turn the a/c up or down? Hmmm... Let the debate begin... And boy did it ever!

I took to social media, and it turns out we're divided on more than just wearing masks and protests. We also have firm opinions on whether the correct phrase to use is to turn the air up or turn the air down when you're lowering the temperature on your thermostat. Carrie Fontaine says, 'Turn the air up means you need more air conditioning! Turn the air down means it’s too hot and we need to lower the temp.' Robin Elizabeth doesn't agree though. She says, 'I’m turning it down! Either way as long as its cold, you can call it what you want! With the lack of hormones, I’ve definitely gotta have the ac blowing cold!!!'

We even got a lesson in language from a local speech and language therapist Mary Beth Tucker who assured us all, the correct usage of the phrase is to 'turn down' the a/c. However, I think we all know that in Lousiana, we don't always care for proper grammar!

So which do you use, regardless of whether it's 'correct' grammar? Check out the comments so far and make sure to add yours. We'd love to know what you think and I'd love a follow!

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