Do you sleep naked?  British sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley says that during a heat wave, your birthday suit may not be the best set of pajamas.  Wearing a t shirt, sweatpants, shorts, or some sort of sleeping gear helps to wick any sweat you might experience in a 90+ degree Louisiana night.  That will not only help you sleep more comfortably, you will likely wake up night-grime free.

Once the record-breaking Louisiana heat returns (and it will), the best bet is to make sure your AC is ready for marathon cooling.  There are, however, several other methods you can employ to help you keep cool in order to sleep comfortably and soundly.

  • Light pajamas - Not only keep the skin dryer as discussed above, but the act of putting them on tells your brain: "It's time to start shutting down."
  • Removing heavy blankets and multiple sheet layers - As simple and straightforward as this sounds, a lot of folks forget this.  More layers = more heat retention.
  • Take a cool shower - This can be tricky.  Research shows that dropping your body's temperature by just a half of a degree from it's normal running (awake) temperature can make it easier to fall and stay asleep.  A cool shower is an easy way to achieve this phenomenon. However, if the water is too cold, it will have the opposite effect and wake you completely up.
  • Use a fan - Even if your AC is working perfectly, the airflow in your bedroom may make conditions a bit too stuffy for comfort.  A fan aimed at your face can bring 2 distinct advantages in this situation.  1-The airflow over your cheeks (which are capable of release a lot of body heat) will help cool your entire body.  2-The sound of a small to medium sized fan has a striking similarity to white-noise, which can help lull you mentally to la-la land.
  • Put your sheets in the refrigerator - This is some Southern ingenuity to be sure!  It's like the other side of the pillow, but all over your body!

You can find more tips on how to rest in the crazy heat here.

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