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This year's Geek'd Con is STACKED with amazing guests. I honestly can't imagine choosing between meeting any of them. Which one would you stand in line for before anyone else?

I'm so torn! I was a big fan of the Twilight books and movies so Peter Facinelli would be an obvious pick, but then Mean Girls is a FREAKING classic and Jonathon Bennett IS Aaron Samuels! Remember, we wear pink on Fridays!

But then, there's Alice Cooper. What the heck? Alice Cooper is coming to meet YOU in Shreveport. That's heavy. But you can't forget Jason Mewes, the dude from the Jay and Silent Bob movies. Decisions, decisions! So, I decided to turn to social media for an unofficial poll. Here are some of the responses.

Brad Gawlik
Kim Rhodes. I follow her on TikTok and she is freaking hilarious!

Mike Morales
The correct answer is Jason Mewes

Tracey Burnes Justice
Ummmmmm ALICE!!!!! Duh

Joe Hollay
James Murr or Shooter McGavin

Steve Castello
That is a jaw-dropping lineup, man

Cassandra Lynn Jordan
KIM RHODES!!!!!!!!!

Angela Gehrls Thomas
I'm gonna be standing in line for autographs ALL DAY! Lol

Caye Caraway Bryce
Alice Cooper would be so interesting!!

Carol Whittington Rochelle
Really? Alice Cooper! No doubt!

Check out the rest of the responses in the post below, add your own comments, and feel free to give me a follow for more lifestyle content!

Out of all of these guests, I can't decide who I'm most excited about... Peter Facinelli or Jonathon Bennett? Who are you most excited to see?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Geek'd Con Lineup 2021: August 13th-15th

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