Which team would you rather see hoisting that trophy at the end of the day?

Sunday is the big game. Super Bowl 54. I'll admit that I'm most excited to eat food and spend time with family and friends, but I do love to watch the game as well. I'm pretty excited that the Patriots are not in it this year. I've also kept up with what Patrick Mahomes has done with the Chiefs in such a short amount of time that it's hard for me not to lean Kansas City's way on Sunday.

That being said, who are you cheering for?

A recent infographic online suggests that we are cheering for the Chiefs in the state of Louisiana. The data was collected from geotagged Twitter data as well as fans' use of team-specific hashtags. Although the map is pretty much 50/50, it's safe to say that the majority of the south and the midwest are all in for Kansas City.

I guess we don't want a west coast team taking home the W and certainly not a California team (which is totally fine for me to say since I grew up in that state).

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