My rule for Valentine's Day is always KISS... Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I've tried to make Valentine's Day a big thing with me and my husband, but I learned early on to just let it be simple. A card, a sweet treat or maybe a home-cooked meal. I stopped making heart-shaped cookies and brownies with balloons a long time ago.

So what are you planning this year?

Are you keeping it simple or are you going all out? Thanks to Google Trends, we've found exactly what you're planning this year. It all seems to be pretty standard, but there is something intriguing on this list.

Here are the most searched for items in the Ark-La-Tex this Valentine's Day:


We are always looking for new ways to wow our significant other. Trust me, I feel the pressure too.


Is it appropriate to just give someone money for Valentine's Day? If so, I want that this year, honey.


Can you give a boyfriend as a gift?


Boxes of chocolate? Yes, please. Boxes of wine? Still, yes.


Ok, now we're getting sweet. How romantic is it to receive a handwritten note from your loved one, even if it is a Beethoven Immortal Letter knockoff.


We've got some people looking to amp up the romance here in the Ark-La-Tex. #GetchaSome


Handmade Valentine's are simply the sweetest.

Pokemon Go

Did I miss something? Is this a new way of being romantic? Can you attract a lover by becoming a Pokemon Go hotspot?


This gift is never turned down in my house. It's a sweet gift that keeps on giving.


The ultimate gift in my opinion. You don't have to go crazy with a dozen, long-stemmed roses, but a simple red one will do the trick. Remember... KISS.

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